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The concertina is a Victorian era invention, extremely popular back in its day, that has a small but enthusiastic worldwide following. Here are several books and a CDRom that Dan Worrall has published on the subject. For more information on the topic, see other articles that Dan and others have published at the Concertina Library. In coming weeks, look for a new online Concertina Journal, of which Dan is a co-Editor.

Dan Worrall's Publications on the Concertina

Worrall's discoveries reveal a picaresque back story of the concertina as it was played in Ireland, an instrument long consigned to the shadows... (His) account of this period paints a vivid picture of political interference, social upheaval and musical spirit, each vying for position amid communities riven by poverty. It's a spellbinding read. Worrall does a fine job in luring the reader into this world where tunes were played, shared, and sometimes lost in the turmoil of the period.

                                                                                                                      Siobhan Long, The Irish Times, January 19, 2008